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Welcome to my photo gallery which includes photo chronicles of my travels as well as pictures of "Family and Friends." There is also a gallery called "Places and Events" which contain pictures that seem more defined by the place or the event depicted than to any particular date or trip. My visits to Auschwitz and East Germany are in this category.

Since I have been on continuous vacation since retiring in early 2006, I now assign most of my albums to a year category. I started this system with the 2003 gallery. Travels prior to 2003 are in the gallery “Travel 1986-2002.”

A word of qualification: This collection is the digital equivalent of the old box of photos in the closet. In fact, many of the photos here can trace their inclusion to just that source. I have tried to put them in a meaningful order for those who might have nostaglia or curiosity re: those “times/people/places”. I hope all who visit this site will find value in the more “Recent” and “Favorite” photos as I try to improve my photographic skills.

I would appreciate your comments,suggestions, or questions via email kurtrodholm@yahoo.co.uk

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